Globber 2 Years Warranty

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Globber Items purchased are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Following a customer’s request, if we determine that the product has a manufacturing default, we will repair or replace it free of charge for you. The decision to repair or replace is solely at the discretion of Globber Scooters.

If the product fails due to wear & tear, accident, neglect or negligence, or if the problem occurs outside the 2 years warranty period, Globber Scooters will do its best to repair it for a reasonable charge.

Who is covered by the warranty : The original purchaser, who bought the product from an authorized dealer of the brand. Original proof of purchase is mandatory to benefit the warranty.

What is covered : This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use when used in compliance with the User Manual. Product should have been properly maintained in accordance with the instructions. Globber reserves the right to determine whether or not these conditions have been respected.


What is not covered :

  • Damage, accidental or otherwise, to the Scooter while in the possession of the consumer and not caused by a defect in material or workmanship.
  • Damage caused by incorrect fitting of wheels, ball bearings, springs, boards and other hardware items.
  • Damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, theft, tampering with or failure to follow the care and special handling provisions in the Instructions.
  • Damage caused by repairs or alterations of the Scooter by anyone other than one of the Authorized Globber dealer / Globber brand.
  • Any other cause not arising from defects in material and workmanship.


Customers costs within warranty : Customer should be aware that he will take care of any inwards freight charge to ship back product to manufacturer’s representative / any Globber affiliate dealer for warranty and/or service.

Customer costs outside of warranty : when customer is not able to provide a proof of purchase and/or the problem occurs outside the 24 months warranty period, Globber reserves right to charge a service fee and/or a charge for spare parts and/or a return freight. Globber reserves right to determine the price of these services.

Exclusions : Any consequential loss or damage to any person or property directly or indirectly as a result of using the product.


Chillafish Warranty Conditions :

Claims under the warranty are only valid when either

  • the original purchase receipt is submitted with your product identification to your distributor or retailer, or
  • all information, including product identification, purchase date and point of purchase are submitted online through


Your product identification can be found on the Chilla label on your product. CHILLAFISH products are covered by the following limited warranty, subject to the restrictions indicated below:

  • 18 months from date of purchase on the frame (regular use).
  • 6 months from date of purchase on all parts (regular use).
  • The warranty only applies to material/construction faults on the product and/or parts thereof.


The warranty is not applicable and/or is invalidated in the following cases:

  • The product has been handled without due care, has been involved in an accident, or has been fitted with non-approved parts.
  • Damage has occurred through extreme use such as sharp braking and skidding.
  • The product has not been assembled as per instructions or has not been correctly maintained.
  • Parts fitted afterwards do not match the product’s technical specifications or original parts have not been used or have not been fitted correctly.
  • The product is used for professional purposes (rental, events, playgrounds, schools, etc.).
  • Technical repairs to the product were not carried out professionally.
  • Replacement of parts such as chains and tires were not carried out on time.

Under no circumstances The CHILLAFISH Company N.V. can be held responsible for damage to the product or parts thereof as a result of incorrect adjustment / tightening of parts such as the chain(s), bolts, tire(s) or hub. Any damage, injury, loss or other problems arising from inappropriate use, abuse, violence, lack of maintenance or ordinary wear are not subject to warranty or claim.

The CHILLAFISH Company N.V. and its distributors will not accept any charges for repairs that have been made without prior approval by a CHILLAFISH distributor, even where the damage repaired would normally be covered by warranty conditions. The final decision on whether or not broken or damaged parts are covered by the warranty is made by an approved CHILLAFISH distributor. If