E-Glide G120 Scooter


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  • Removable 10.4AH battery
  • 350W Motor for swift performance
  • Rear disc brake provides reliable stopping power
  • 10” pneumatic tyres for ultimate ride quality
  • 3 speed modes for ride customisation
  • Simple to fold and easy to carry
  • Optional e-Glide Wide Bar Kit gives extra control and comfort
  • IP54 water resistance rating

The G120 expands on the rock-solid base of the e-Glide G60 to create an electric scooter with a larger range and
smoother ride without skimping on amazing features.

The key to the e-Glide G120 Electric Scooters versatility is the hot-swappable 10.4AH battery that gives you the
flexibility to charge your battery away from where you park your scooter or carry an extra battery to refuel mid journey
and double your distance.
Regenerative braking via the front hub motor also puts power back into the battery, extending your range even more.

Featuring large 10” pneumatic tyres, the e-Glide G120 delivers improved ride comfort, while the expanded 10.4AH
battery increases the maximum range up to 45km.

With a 350W motor delivering smooth acceleration and torque the e-Glide G120 will have you taking on hills with ease
while the low-maintenance, cable pull rear disc brake with large 120mm rotor delivers amazing braking performance so
you’re always in control.

Head out on every ride with confidence thanks to the e-Glide G120’s iP54 water resistance rating and anti-slip rubber
footplate, just in case you forget to check the weather.

Stay safe and stand out with the bright LED headlight and tail/brake light as well as front and rear side reflectors
equipped on the e-Glide G120.

The e-Glide G120 can be tailored to fit your daily electric scooter needs with it’s versatile options.
Customise your ride comfort with the additional e-Glide Wide Bar Kit for increased stability.
Double your distance with an extra e-Glide G120 Hot Swappable Battery.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 108.8 × 42 × 117.6 cm


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