Globber ONE K E-Motion 15 (Foldable) – White Red


Globber ONE K E-Motion 15 (Foldable) – White Red

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The Best Foldable Electric Scooter in Australia.

The GLOBBER ONE K E-MOTION 15 Foldable Electric scooter is the perfect scooter for 14+ years.

  • Adjustable steering column
  • Comfortable TPR handlebar grips
  • High-tech conception, durable material, strong and sustainable
  • Trendy e-mobility device, environmentally  friendly, no gas emission
  • 200mm front wheel with nylon rim/PU
  • 250W motor integrated into the 200mm rear wheel/ solid puncture-free tyre
  • The “kick start” mode engages the motor when user is pushes the scooter up to 5km/h
  • The electronic pressure sensor placed on the deck allows intuitive control and makes acceleration and braking very easy
  • Braking systems:

Mechanical foot brake located on the rear wheel (mud guard pressed on the rear wheel) 

Neutral motor position is activated when pressing rear mud guard


Maximum Speed: 18 km/ h (depending on the user weight) 

Autonomy: 12-15 km (depending on the weight and slope; flat or hilly terrain) 

Maximum slope: 10°

Max conditions using temperature: 40 °C 

Motor power: 250 W motor integrated in the rear wheel

Rotation per minute: 650 RPM  

Battery: Lithium, fireproof casing / 36 Volts 

Battery charging cycles:  from 500 to 800 cycles 

Charger: Input Tension 110/240 V – 50/60 Hz & Output tension 42V – 0.8A

Charging time: +/- 3 hours

Sealing level for battery case: IP54


E-scooter weight: 8 Kg 

Minimum height of user: From 1.5m to 2m 

Minimum age of user: 14 years+

Max. weight allowance: 100 kg 


The laws around the use of scooters on public lands, roads and areas vary from state to state.

We recommend you always check your local council and road traffic laws prior to using a scooter to ensure you are aware of any restrictions that may affect the use of motorised vehicles.

Always use appropriate protective riding equipment such as an approved helmet and suitable clothing.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 0.21 × 1.06 × 0.38 cm


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