I-Glide 3 Wheel Scooter-Seated-Green


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Our 3-wheel scooters are the perfect place for kids to learn balance, pushing, pulling, steering and other skills to increase their early development motor-skills and most importantly to have fun! The i- Glide seated option allows kids as young as 2 to start developing scooter skills in a seated position for gradual development. Combining younger development, adventure and fun is the perfect combination to have them gliding from A to B in no time.

  • Height Adjustable Aluminium Handlebars
  • Removable Seat Options – Two Adjustable Seat Points
  • Soft & Comfortable Handlebar Grips
  • Aluminium Alloy Braking Mechanism
  • Exclusive Easy Lean to Steer Mechanism with Pivoting Front Wheels
  • Quick Release Bar For Convenient Transportation or Storage
  • Kinetic LED Light-Up Front and Back Wheels
  • Suitable for Children 2-8 Years
  • Wide Reinforced Deck – holds up to 50kg/110lbs
  • Hours of fun!


The i-Glide is extremely easy to ride! Easy-steer technology lets children effortlessly lean to steer on the scooter. A reinforced aluminium foot brake allows for the options of slowing down, quick stops and optimal control. Featuring ultra-soft handlebar grips which are bright and comfortable on little hands. In addition to having a great time, riders will also improve his or her level of coordination and balance increasing confidence (and smiles)! 

The i-Glide kick scooter has a foot board (deck) that is over 5-inches wide, giving children plenty of room for their feet to be firmly placed on the scooter, leaving enough space to push comfortably and control their movement. The i-Glide logo provides a slip proof surface making the scooter deck rider friendly and safe. The i- Glide deck is reinforced ensuring gliding stability for up to 50kgs (110lbs) and regular use.

Feeling and being in-control will help your little one’s gain confidence. The smooth wheels on the i-Glide scooters allow for low-resistance rolling and lean-to steer turns, with excellent stopping ability. The i-Glide 3-wheel scooter has kinetic light- up polyurethane wheels, so your child will look cool and be visible to anyone around for and unmatched level of safety. The i-Glide wheels are powered by kinetic energy, so batteries are not required!

Although kids will most often be cruising smoothly on the i-Glide, sometimes there will be a need to transport you scooter – in a vehicle, a suitcase, or storage. A quick clip release system is incorporated into the design of all i-Glide Scooters. i-Glide scooters have been designed to allow for quick & easy dismantling, transport and storing.

The i-Glide scooter grows with your child! With height adjustable aluminium handlebars and removable seat. The i-Glide 3-wheel scooter for kids comes in a variety of stand-out colour options to suit the preferences of any child or parent. These bold colours make matching helmets & other accessories fun and creative.

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Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 58 cm


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