InMotion S1 Electric Scooter




InMotion S1, Introducing the Next Generation Electric Scooter

Finally, an electric scooter that has everything built in and has been designed for everyone.

Take a look at the InMotion S1.
Featuring a rear motor with powerful acceleration, a large battery to travel massive distances,industry leading water resistance, effective dual suspension, all over lighting for visibility, bright informative dashboard, convenient portability and solid low maintenance braking system. All this and more can be found in the amazing S1 Electric Scooter from InMotion.

Key Specifications:
• Top Speed: 30 km/h
• Max Potential Range: 95 km
• Motor: 500W rear
• Front Drum & Rear Electric Brakes
• IP Rating: IP55 for body, IPX6 for controller, IP X7 for battery
• InMotion App Support
• Max Rider Weight:140 kg
• Battery: 54V 12.5Ah
• Motor: Rear 500W
• Tyres:10″ Tubeless pnuematic

It’s a Long Distance Relationship
Equipped with a huge 54V 12.5AH battery under the hood, the InMotion S1 scooter can travel a massive maximum range of 95km. Not only is that enough power to cover even the longest rides, but it also ensures you will have plenty left in the tank if you ever forget to plug the scooter in.

Keep Your Head Above Water
Never fear rain, puddles or splashes when riding your InMotion S1. It is protected by the highest electric scooter water resistance rating in the industry. IP55 for body, IPX6 for controller, IP X7 for battery

The Power to Climb
With 500 watts of power packed into the rear motor, the S1 delivers amazing acceleration and performance to tackle hill climbs up to 30 degrees.

Comfort in Every Scenario
No matter the terrain you choose to explore on the S1, the heavy duty, dual suspension in both
the front and the rear will ensure your ride is always smooth. Meanwhile an extra large deck
space ensures even the biggest feet have plenty of room to stand on.

You’re in Command
The S1 features a wide display packed with all the vital info. Change between ride modes,
keep track of battery level and speed, and even view your turn signal status!

Best-in-Class Headlight
Ride your InMotion S1 with confidence at night, as the S1’s dual 1.25W front headlights are sure
to illuminate any obstacles that may lie ahead. Mounted high at the top of the stem, these
headlights will also ensure you are easily spotted by other road users in the dark.

Turn With Confidence
To stay safe while riding, it’s always better to let others know where you are headed. The S1
features unique automatic turn signals in the deck which activate once you either turn the
handlebars or tilt the scooter, allowing you to focus on riding instead of pressing buttons.

Portability in an Instant
The S1 takes less than 3 seconds to fold, giving it unrivaled convenience and

Less Time Charging, More Time Riding
Cut your charging time in half! The S1 can accept power from up to two chargers at once, letting
you spend less time stuck at the outlet and more time out on the pavement.

There’s an App for That!
Connect your S1 scooter to the InMotion app on your smartphone. View detailed ride data,
change settings and diagnose problems. All this and more at your fingertips

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Weight 24 kg


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